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Date- 19th March,2020.

COVID-19 has impacted the society in a massive way but the questionable point here is does the society as a whole know about the preventive measures?

While the privileged society is aware about COVID'19 via internet, newspapers and television. The marginalized sections of the society aren't that aware due to lack of resources. Importance of masks , gloves and sanitizers is still unknown to many people. Only way to protect ourself and loved ones is to use them. Therefore , Parikh C.T.B found the urge to approach people from different walks of life and make them aware about this topic. As a part of this initiative Masks ( Reusable & Disposable ), Gloves and Sanitizers were distributed to the marginalized sections of the society like rickshaw drivers , taxi drivers , watchmen & garbage collectors. We , Parikh C.T.B , urge everyone in the society to stay indoors and if at all you need to go out then take the responisiblity of using masks , gloves and sanitizer as by doing this you're not just protecting yourself but also many other civilians


Break the chain , Be a hero.

Activity performed by- Parikh CTB, Mumbai Team

Written by - Rushi Shah


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