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Date-30th May,2020

Food is a basic necessity and we all know that. It's really important for everyone to receive adequate food as if this doesn't happen then it can lead to severe problems like malnutrition.

As we all know, these are tough times. This is the time when we all have to come together and show that humanity still exist. We have come up with a simple but a highly effective way to help the people of your area.

You could practice this at a small or large scale as per your capacity. Moreover it would directly help the needy. People who are poor don’t have the money to get themselves food as many of them used to work as daily wage workers and at the moment they have lost their employment. So we decided that no person should sleep hungry. So support our initiative and help us create a supportive environment where we fight this pandemic together.

Activity performed by Parikh CTB Team, Mumbai.

Written by Saptarshi Nandy


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