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Date : 5/07/2020.

A woman’s period (menstruation) is NORMAL bleeding that is a NATURAL part of a HEALTHY woman’s monthly cycle.

A woman's menstruation cycle is normal , natural and healthy.

Why do we still avoid talking about it and follow untouchability ?

Infact just imagine yourself bleeding for 3-4 days straight , managing mood swings , going through that pain every month and getting all the cramps.

Have y'all ever thought of comforting her ? Getting her what she craves ? Tried to change her mood ? Made her feel that she is really strong and everything will be okay ?

Our initiative at parikh charitable trust was to spread awareness and normalize the term menstruation which we did by gathering people from different areas. All they had to do was send in a picture showing a red dot on their hand which would act as a symbol that ' Yes , i do talk about menstruation and it is normal'.

Activity performed by : Parikh CTB Mumbai Team

Written by : Rushi Shah


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