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Date- 11th June,2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by a storm. In order to ensure and enforce social distancing, the police force has been at the forefront.

Across Mumbai, the security forces have been active round-the-clock in full capacity. They are not only positioned on the ground but also in containment zones and hotspots, bus stops and hospitals. Unfortunately, despite efforts on the part of the forces to procure enough safety equipment, there have been reported shortages. It is important to note that the risk to policemen is not just to those on-duty but also to their families, which include young children and aged parents.

While these men in uniform selflessly choose to put their lives at risk, their families remain at home living their lives in doubt and fear.

In an effort to show our appreciation and do the best we can, Parikh CTB Charitable trust donated not only a sanitizer dispenser stand but also 100 face shields and sanitizers to the Mumbai police to take care of their safety.

While, we are inside our homes safe, these warriors are putting theirs and their families’ life at risk by making sure the common citizens of Mumbai can sleep peacefully.

We did the best we can, we hope to further continue doing such initiatives and make Mumbai a better place.

Activity Performed by- Parikh CTB Team, Mumbai

Written by Devvrat Agarwal


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