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Date- 2nd September, 2020.

Imagine we all live in a country where Sati, Sabitri, Durga, Laxmi are worshipped by people treating them as goddesses. Then, on the other hand, eve teasing, sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence against women are these weapons used by the male to display the male superiority. The mindset made by people is totally incorrect.

Cases of violence against women take a long time in the investigation phase. In the name of social pressure and shame, many women do not come out and report the matter to police. This is one of the many reasons why the number of cases reported are less than the actual number of violence happening against women. India ranks 133rd in the women peace and security index.

Why are women taught to be more protective about themselves, rather than a man to show honour and respect to another woman? Remember, rape is not victim’s fault, so stop accusing women for their behaviour or dressing.

These are just mere facts which are bitter but true.

In order to improve women safety in India the first task is to improve the number of women in every sphere of society. Along with that the change in mind set of people is very essential for the safety of women. From family to educational institutions men should be taught about respecting females. Further, there should be fast-track courts to hear the cases and they cases should be investigated in a time bound manner. Only strict laws can not solve the problem of women safety in India rather the implementation of these laws in a time bound manner can solve the issue to a large extent.

Activity performed by- Parikh CTB, Mumbai Team

Written by - Manuja Jani


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